About Zeppelin

Zeppelin is a multidisciplinary strategic design studio with an integrated team of branding, design and engineering professionals. System led thinking, has been the primary driver in our design process, be it for brands or spaces. Our core strength has been the integration of interior design and brand design capabilities to deliver meaningful design solutions.

From the very beginning Zeppelin has managed to contribute strategically to most projects. Tactical expertise in design, starting from its form (aesthetic interventions) to engineering has been considered basic hygiene at our studio. But beyond this hygiene we have managed to have a more holistic viewpoint on design. We have designed furniture, restaurants, interactive spaces and brands, all with a singular focus on our client’s objectives and user aspirations. We have almost always influenced more than the client’s aesthetic decisions. Pricing strategies, new product introductions to even HR strategies have been addressed using "systems thinking". Design at zeppelin is problem solving in the classical sense.

Design Process

The solution often lies beyond the set parameters of the brief. As designers we believe that design at its best needs to solve problems and create opportunities and to do so one must have a clear understanding of the involved ecosystem. Our structured research oriented problem solving approach process enables us to deliver the best to our clients.

At zeppelin design we thrive on our multidisciplinary approach. We are constantly bridging the gap between the design disciplnes of branding and space design, concept and execution, art and engineering.

United Coffee House REWIND



United Coffee House at Connaught Place has been a legend amongst restaurants for more more than 70 years. The timeless quality of this establishment has kept patrons coming back time and again for that memorable experience. Zeppelin design was approached to re-invent the brand as well as the interiors in an younger avatar while retaining elements of the old classic. We designed the UCH REWIND brand language keeping in mind the need to engage a wider customer base who desire a more casual dinning experience. We created a space that projected nostalgia by interpreting in in a more fun, casual and quirky setting. Retro victorian paneling and exposed brick were used with bespoke victorian printed tiles to create a signature language. The furniture was custom designed to convey a casual bistro feel. 



 When Jaquar, well known for its faucets entered the market for ceramics, enclosures and wellness, it appointed Zeppelin to re-think the brand from scratch. We started the project with a month long research across India to gauge consumer and influencer perspectives. The report helped us device the new brand thought for Jaquar “experience bathing”. From here on, Zeppelin redesigned the complete brand architecture and positioning of the brand(s), the ranges and its super luxury offering Artize. Brand manuals were created for easy execution and synergy among all marketing communication from advertisements for newsprint, high-street signage to orientation centres and everything in between.

Cafe Delhi Heights


 "Café Delhi Heights" is known for its casual charm, great food and rustic interiors. The concept revolves around finding an aesthetic that has bits of cosmopolitan Delhi along with an unique DIY character. Large piano type shutters in the facade, allow the first part of the café to be exposed to the elements during favorable weather. A collection of eclectic seating options along with interesting memorabilia enhance the ambiance. The inside area features a frugal bar and the very popular booth seats with their own private tv's ! The largely linear layout offers great views of the open kitchen. Café Delhi heights continues to be one of the most popular cafes in Delhi.

Jaquar Retail Design


Zeppelin was given the responsibility to infuse the new brand thought for jaquar "experience bathing" across its nationwide dealer network as well as company owned flagship outlets called orientaton centres. The floor plates typically varied from 200 to 10,000 square foot. We translated the brand story into the spaces and improved overall aesthetic benchmarks across all fixtures and finishes by redesigning each customer touch point appropriate for each format. Display fixtures, lighting levels, stylistic elements, theming and interior technicals were all concieved from scratch to create industry leading standards. 

Pizza Hut, Yum Foods


 We worked with the team at YUM foods to develop the next generation Pizza Hut restaurant concept. The project involved a complete re-think of all aspects of restaurant design and brand development. We also explored the deployment of this new aesthetics to smaller formats and take-away stores. The year long project culminated in the creation of a template for the brand's new restaurants by defining a whole new experience map and material story. The flagship restaurant pictures are from Mall of India, Noida. For Zeppelin it was some great learning, working with one of the worlds largest hospitality companies and being part of a cross national team while influencing and delivering at the very top of their strategic design process.

iYOGI Corp Office


iYOGI is one of the top independent providers of on demand Tech Support in the world. Zeppelin was briefed to design the interiors of its new 30,000 sq. ft. office at Gurgaon. The brief extended to include a unique graphic language that would highlight the firm’s Indian lineage while maintaining their high-technology look. We designed a theme “Gods of Technology” which used illustrative skinning, depicting gods in hyper-real situations, using and interacting with technology. The interiors were a fine balance between meeting the needs of a high employee density office, stringent technical and networking requirements with softer aspects of office planning like break out areas and recreational zones.

The Hiatus


Hiatus was conceived as a fine dine concept for the urbane elite, a place to unwind. A culinary destination that needed to keep its focus on an unmatched gastronomical experience. From the very beginning of the ideation process the promoters were very clear that the interiors needed to be elegantly understated. We divided the space into four zones the lounge bar, the dinning area, the wine cellar and the outdoor areas. Each of these areas deliver a cohesive but distinguishable choice of ambience to the guests. The bar for example uses materials and finishes that potray glitz, at the same time the warm lighting and the chisel finished Dholpur stones deliver a balancing contrast of textures.

Made In Punjab


"Made in Punjab" is a dinning concept that recreates the experience and grandeur of the erstwhile Sikh Empire, and the seamless amalgamation of the cuisine of the region with its rich cultural past. The design attempts to create a fusion of indian and post modern elements to achieve a sense of harmony and understated elegance. The bi-chromatic colour palette of the walls are sharply contrasted with teakwood and william grey stone furniture. Muted gold accents are used in the indian lattice work as well as the lighting schemes to divide spaces and create visual tapestries.

FDCI Fashion Weeks


Zeppelin has been the part of five fashion week events organized by FDCI, india's premiere fashion body. We have designed the visual branding and event communication for Fashion Week, two editions of Mens Week and two editions of Couture Week. In each project, the challenge has been to deliver a fresh cutting edge visual language that communicates the main idea to a highly design literate fraternity.

The design languages are then subsequently adapted to various avenues like website, brochures, print-adds, invites and large format environmental graphics.

The Beer Cafe


The Beer Cafe is a one of its kind beer bar with a friendly all day cafe feel. Zeppelin redefined the beer cafe concept and streamlined the design for a very aggressive roll out. The main challenge was to achieve homogeneity while avoiding a "cookie cutter" approach for the design of these cafes. We focused on localization of themes and layouts to deliver a beer cafe experience that is exciting, friendly and unique. Our strong projects know-how enabled beer cafe to optimize costs and manage timelines for this profitable QSB model. Zeppelin has designed 20 Beer Cafes till date and counting!

Red Chilies Idiot Box


Red Chillies Entertainment the flagship of Shahrukh Khan’s Media Empire, needed a new language for its television production brand called “Idiot Box”. Zeppelin reacted to the brief by focusing its ideation on a young “feel good” brand device - the television. The final option was a television set with a retro-futuristic look, something that has a present day visual appeal while ensuring that the logo does not become dated in times to come.

Turquoise Cottage


TC has been a much loved brand for rock lovers in the capital. However, the brand needed a fresh infusion of ideas as the decade old design was fast becoming redundant. Zeppelin was given the responsibility to reposition the interior look of the space and introduce a new format for its new flagship store at DLF Saket. We introduced a fresh new format for all furniture and designed the interior to be rugged and yet aspirational. Primary materials like concrete, slate, wood dovetailed beautifully with the original TC brickwork to give the space its unique look. (photography credit : tanmay)

Hero Weave


Weave Engineering and Design, was a company started by the Hero Group to serve large original equipment and auto component manufacturers with engineering and design services in the product development space. Zeppelin started the project with a series of mood boards that offered alternative directions for the brand. A dipstick study and research on competition allowed the team to focus on the desired approach. Once the brand language was finalized, a detailed brand manual was created so that all brand keys can be standardized and implemented across the board.



Nueva, a new addition to New Delhi's fine dinning scene, is a culinary collaboration between Chef Michael Swamy and the Indian captain Virat Kohli. Designed by Zeppelin, the ground floor welcomes guests into a plush lounge and bar. The concept references elements of native american forms and motives, and hence connects to the south american cuisine of the restaurant at a subconscious level. The design relies on traditional luxury finishes like wood and statuario marble presented through new-age geometrichexagonal forms and treatment. A marble spiral staircase from within the restaurant takes the patrons to level two, the dinning section of the restaurant. The first floor opens to a cluster of seats and tables designed for an uninterupted dinning experience. Large glass panels reveal the state of the art kitchen at Nueva, the epicentre of chef Micheal Swamy's innovative cuisine.




"Tawak" literally means cinnamon in sanskrit. This fine dinning brand attempts to chart the journey of oriental cuisine, from Far East to India. The restaurant design attempts to present a rustic travel inspired theme, with nautical overtones. Zeppelin designed the brand logo, the visual identity and the interiors of this restaurant.  



The Jaquar group of companies had commissioned zeppelin to undertake a brand research project to re-position the Artize range of products. The primary goal of the project was to create an aura around the brand that is distinctive and aspirational enough to compete with the international brands in India and abroad. Based on the primary insight that Artize needs to communicate its superior product quality, the zeppelin team created a brand structure that was no longer relying on the lower priced, premium segment Jaquar brand umbrella. Thus by positioning the product range as a completely separate luxury brand with its own visual identity dna, Zeppelin enabled the product category to justify the price point by communicating the products uniqueness. As part of the visual identity branding Zeppelin Re-designed the logo and the brand communication tag line “craftsmanship in water”. All aspects of the brand communication were re-worked leading to creation of a brand deployment manual that cut across ATL, BTL and retail.

Home Of The Traveller


The Home of the Traveler is one of its kind retail destination for the luxury furniture and home decor customer. Spread over four floors, 20000 sq feet, the space has been designed like a museum of rare artifacts and memorabilia. Zeppelin worked closely with JJ Valaya, the curator of the merchandise, to conceptualize the space and design the technicals.

The Backyard


The backyard was conceived as rustic, home grown and honest cafe brand catering to the youth who are jaded with the more antiseptic hospitality concepts that are on offer. The brand sought to communicate the feel of a casual DIY space with some fresh and sumptuous food. As part of the branding we designed the logo, the signages and the menu card. The zeppelin interiors team subsequently designed the tiny 850sq feet cafe. Today "the backyard" is one of the most successful cafes in west delhi. We went on to design the 5000 sq feet basement concept called the Backyard Underground at gurgaon.   

William Grant


William Grant and Sons, one of the most respected scotch brands in the world were opening their first office in India. Zeppelin undertook the entire project from conceptualization, design to execution on turnkey basis to deliver an office environment that excites guests as well as the people working there. The design team got a free hand in creating an experience that would push the benchmark of William Grant offices worldwide. The key concept was to capture the illustrious history of the brand in a modern, yet almost distillery like space. A spinal bar feature cut through the more functional areas of the office to create a feature that captured the essence of the brand. The office was designed, engineered and built in seventy days.

Swatch Group


Swatch group approached Zepppelin to design their integrated facility according to strict global norms. The facility spread across 4000sq ft at Bengaluru had a display centre, service facilities and office spaces. The main challenge was to create various operational areas within a small space catering to the complex needs of a watch servicing infrastructure. 

Living Room


Living Room (LR) was conceptually developed by Zeppelin in tandem with Seasons hotel management as a boutique hotel offering “a relaxed and easy going environment” for guests. We designed the brand and successfully carried forward the key ideas to the interiors for their flagship hotel at Vagator, Goa.



ISH, Frankfurt is the world’s most respected expo destination for wellness & hospitality professionals. Zeppelin was given the responsibility to design the very first exhibition for the Jaquar group at this prestigious event. Zeppelin hence designed and project managed 180 sq mts of space for the european debut of Jaquar. The project also involved co-ordination, onsite inspection and logistic management across continents.

Zeppelin has also designed exhibitions for Jaquar at Saudi Build and Acetech.




U-Clean is an innovative startup that is working hard to build india's first organized chain of laundromats focused on fostering the "do it yourself culture". Zeppelin worked closely with the founders to create a brand that does justice to the central brand proposition. We created the brand logo, defined the colours and wrote the tagline that defines the brand "We love laundry". A host of colaterals, brand guidelines and the franchise docket was also created as part of this project.  

About Zeppelin

Zeppelin is a multidisciplinary strategic design studio with an integrated team of branding, design and engineering professionals. System led thinking, has been the primary driver in our design process, be it for brands or spaces. Our core strength has been the integration of interior design and brand design capabilities to deliver meaningful design solutions.


Design Process

The solution often lies beyond the set parameters of the brief. As designers we believe that design at its best needs to solve problems and create opportunities and to do so one must have a clear understanding of the involved ecosystem. Our structured research oriented problem solving approach process enables us to deliver the best to our clients.